This is my personal assessment. The USCF has many problems and things cannot be changed overnight. However, the following 4 areas are what the USCF sorely needs NOW. The candidates in the upcoming election have to be able to fill these weaknesses. It is my goal to reach out to people who can help in these areas, and especially people who WILL stay OUT of chess politics.

* Restoring respectability and credibility to the USCF. The recent level of unprofessionalism caused the USCF to lose a lot of credibility and respectability.

* Restoring the balanced budget. This federation cannot afford to continue operating in the red year after year.

* Restoring a strong cooperation and support between Adult, Collegiate, Military, Internet, Youth and Scholastic Chess, etc. The USCF needs to support and promote all categories and not just one.

* Adding serious emphasis in Professional Marketing and PR for the first time. There has been virtually no promotion of the USCF whatsoever.

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