#Hope Hour

HOPE HOUR: Hope Power!

Change the world in an hour

Join communities, friends & families from all over the world in coming together to take a stand for hope. Host or join a Hope Hour Gathering: Sunday 13th November, 2016, 6pm AEST. Help overcome fear, bigotry and violence by creating a powerful surge of collective focus on hope. Become part of a simple response and a worldwide community of hope. 

We CAN make a difference.

Hosting:  Can be as big or as small as you like: just your family, just your friends, just you.  Or, you can create and host a community or workplace event.

Hope:  Is whatever it means to you.  We will provide some free resources to guide how you spend that time, if you choose to use them. We will also provide pre-recorded and live streamed meditation options, and a live link to our ‘home’ event in Castlemaine, Central Victoria, Australia

Share:  This is the important bit.  Please share photos and stories of your gathering and what this meant to you and others you hosted.  This will build our community and spread stories of hope.  And please share our initiative in the lead up to help spread the word and spread the hope.

Sign Up & Host Resources available shortly.

Contact: to express your interest