The World Champion in rapid chess Vassily Ivanchuk has arrived to Prague for a match of 12 rapid games against the best Czech chessplayer David Navara.

The festival ČEZ CHESS TROPHY 2017 is the 15th every-year match of David Navara against an opponent from the top world grandmasters. He has already played against f.e. grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik, grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, and grandmaster Wesley So.

The chess festival takes place in Michna Palace in Prague 1.

Thursday 15 June
15:00 – opening of exhibitions (artistic chess sets of students of VŠUP and chess photos from pubs and cafes) and tasting of Georgian wines
16:00 – First four games of the match between Navarra and Ivanchuk (rapid chess)

Friday 16 June
15:00 – Grandmaster Hort’s Quiz on Bobby Fisher
16:00 – 5-8th game Navarra-Ivanchuk

Saturday 17 June
15:00 – Lecture by Grandmaster Robert Cvek
16:00 – 9-12th game Navarra-Ivanchuk

Sunday 18 June
15:00 – Simultaneous exhibition by world champion Vassily Ivanchuk

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