Two top 100 chess players, GM Arkadij Naiditsch and GM Csaba Balogh, are working weekly for the chess fans, producing the CEWN magazine. It contains not only openings or middlegames, but rather full details on the best fresh games from the chess world, a look back at historical matches, practice endgames sections, studies, puzzles, and multiple surprises.
So far 12 issues have been published and hundreds of users are enjoying the modern approach to chess analysis, improvement, and weekly fun.

More about CEWN

– CEWN is the premium chess magazine in the internet, coming in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Hungarian)
– you get it every Friday in your mailbox in pdf and pgn formats
– CEWN is customized for all levels of chess players
– Weekly you get 25-30 pages of Grandmaster material for just 0,70 cent / issue !

How to subscribe to CEWN

38 euro/year (52 editions, purchase here saving over 80% on the weekly price)
10 euro/1 month (4 editions, purchase here)
4 euro/1 week (1 edition, purchase here)

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