Cento Open Round Six
GM Alberto David taking the sole lead

After five starting victories in the Cento Carnival Open, GM Alberto David makes a first draw against the top seeded GM Alexey Dreev. Since the second table match Aleksander Delchev – Elina Danielan also produced a draw, albeit only after a long contested endgame, GM David remains the sole leader with 5.5 points.

GM Roland Salvador of Philippines joins the group of players on the shared second place after the lucky victory against Guido Caprio. The untitled junior, who already beat three Grandmasters in this event, missed the winning move and gradually slipped into the worse Rook endgame.

IM Kenny Solomon of South Africa stunned the second seeded GM Ivan Sokolov, while his friend IM Simon Ansell held GM Oleg Korneev to a draw. IM Federico Manca claims another victory against the Grandmaster, this time his victim was Milan Drasko.

After yesterday’s barbeque, tonight we had another pizza evening. Best wishes to GM Manuel Leon Hoyos who celebrates 22nd birthday.

Results, games and more information on the official website ScacchiRandagi.com. The second weekend rated tournament (5 rounds Swiss) will be played on 11-13th February. Already more than 100 players registered for the two rating groups.

Top round 7 pairings:

GM Danielian Elina (5.0) – GM David Alberto (5.5)
GM Dreev Aleksey (5.0) – GM Delchev Aleksander (5.0)
GM Romanishin Oleg (4.5) – GM Salvador Roland (5.0)
IM Bruno Fabio (4.5) – GM Brunello Sabino (4.5)
GM Naumkin Igor (4.5) – IM Solomon Kenny (4.5)
IM Manca Federico (4.5) – IM Mogranzini Roberto (4.5)
GM Rozentalis Eduardas (4.0) – IM Piscopo Pierluigi (4.5)


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