Cebu City a step away from breaking record
By Dale Rosal
Cebu Daily News
8:54 am | Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Cebu City is just a step away from breaking the Guinness record of Krasnoyarsk, Russia for the world’s largest chess tournament.

This as the Queen City of the South has managed to come up with 3,000 finalists to compete in the Cebu City Sports Center’s championships on Jan. 21 and 22.

The number of finalists came from 30,000 chess players who participated in the six-month school-wide eliminations held last year.

The entire championship round will be documented to be sent to London for Guinness certification.

Cebu City Sports Commission chairman Edward Hayco was happy with the city’s effort to establish chess as one of the primary sports in all public schools in the city.

Hayco is also the man behind Cebu City’s Guiness world record for the biggest dancing class in 2007, where 7,770 people converged at the Cebu City Sports Center for a dancesport class.

“We are doing this annually and the tournaments in each public school in the city will continue,” said Hayco.

Hayco is planning to invite some of the country’s popular chess players to witness another historic feat for Cebu City. He is also planning to hold this tournament annually.


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