The event started with a 6 round Swiss event. The top 12 finishers along with the 4 invited players would play in knockout matches in the second stage.

However, one of the seeded players GM Pentala Harikrishna did not arrive. Therefore, the
organizer decided to take 13 qualifiers instead of 12.

Standings after 6 rounds of Swiss qualifier:

1. Milov – 5 points

2-15. Leon Hoyos, Nogueiras, Graf, Vl. Georgiev, Gonzalez Zamora, Quezada, De La Paz, Martin Del Campo, Ehlvest, Vera, R. Perez, Zapata, Ibarra Chami, Arencibia – 4½

Here is the second stage:

Milov – Ehlvest 0-1
Leon Hoyos – Martin Del Campo 1-0
Ivanchuk – Perez ½-½
Bruzon – Zapata 1-0
Graf – Gonzalez Zamora 1-0
Vl. Georgiev – Quezada 1-0
Tiviakov – Vera 1-0
Nogueiras – De La Paz ½-½

Here is the official website. Doggers-Schaak has an article here.
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