Dear Delegates,

Bulgarian Chess Union 1931 is probably the youngest national chess organization in the world. What is the reason for our establishment?

The good name of the Bulgarian chess was brought to great dishonor. The board of the Bulgarian Chess Federation (BCF), headed by Silvio Danailov and his directors put a shameful stain upon the name of our country and Bulgarian players and it will not be cleared soon.

Multiple bank transfers were made on behalf of the Bulgarian chess federation to a bank account of a fake European chess union in the state of Delaware, USA in the period 2011 – 2014. All that the President of the BCF Silvio Danailov and his deputies since 2011 – Nikolay Nedkov, Plamen Mollov, Ivan Genov and CEO Nikolay Velchev have done in the period 2011-2014 was kept in deep secret. It is possible that they were the only people who knew about the established in the state of Delaware European Chess Union LLC. with an opened account in a Slovenian bank. The person who actually made the transfers of funds from the BCF to the ECU LLC., Delaware, USA is Nikolay Velchev. Their actions are protected by a high-ranked official in the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Bulgaria. When we found out (in the end of 2014) about these criminal acts we immediately opposed the actions of those people (and the federation) and alerted the National Law enforcement agencies. Inspections carried out by the Bulgarian Public Financial Inspection Agency not only did confirm the correctness of the signal, but also revealed a number of other financial irregularities. You are already informed about the results of these inspections – they are reflected in the official reports of the Bulgarian Public Financial Inspection Agency as they are attached to Annex 59 in the Agenda of this Congress.

In order to prevent from casting a slur on the name of the Bulgarian chess players who are not responsible for the criminal acts of their managers, in the beginning of 2015 Initiative Committee to rescue Bulgarian chess was created, in which were included Bulgarian grandmasters, chess players, functionaries and public figures. The committee sought dialogue with the leadership of BCF. Different questions were put to the BCF Board related to the allegations in the reports of the Bulgarian Public Financial Inspection Agency for financial violations and embezzlement from fictional international competitions. Instead of giving answers to the questions the gentlemen from the Board began to slander ugly and set threats for punishing clubs and players who dared to ask them about their illegal actions. At a meeting of the Board of BCF held on 05.06.2015, there were severe penalties imposed – stopping the competition rights and prohibition to be a part of any chess activity for a period of three (3) years for the players GM Kiril Georgiev, NM Metodi Stoynev and the trainers: Simeon Stoichkov (5-year punishment!?!), and at one of the their previous meetings Orlin Nikolov was punished (3-year punishment). As a result of these actions of the board of BCF the FIDE Ethics Commission was approached. After considering the facts, the Ethics Commission canceled the penalties imposed by final decision of 26-28.05.2016. (Ethics commission – Case 4/2015) Kiril Georgiev filed a lawsuit at the Sofia Administrative Court, which nullified the imposed punishment. From the very beginning when the decision was made official the chess managers in Bulgaria refused to comply with it! Moreover, at their meeting held on July 23 this year at the General Assembly of the BCF a decision was taken confirming the penalties. It was stated arrogantly that the BCF is not going to comply with the decisions of the Ethics Commission of FIDE.

20 chess clubs in the country gathered on April 24, 2016 and founded a new chess organization – Bulgarian Chess Union 1931, distancing themselves from the actions of Silvio Danailov & Co. This new organization has already been registered at the Court and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria, has submitted documents to obtain a license in the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Bulgaria. Our goal is to show the international chess community that we have nothing to do with the criminal acts of Silvio Danailov and his associates and we are determined to work to regain the good name of Bulgarian chess.

Dear Sirs,

No doubt that the actions of those who disgraced chess who abused the name of one of the largest international chess organizations – European Chess Union, who turned chess into a tool for personal gain, will get their deserved punishment. We hope that you will apply to the case the sacred motto of the international chess movement „Gens unа sumus” and will release it from the presence of all those people who violate generally accepted rules and norms and do not comply with the Statutes of FIDE.

We, the leadership of the Bulgarian Chess Union 1931, came to Baku to show our willingness to work to clear the name of the Bulgarian chess. After your decision to restrict any chess activity of Silvio Danailov and the other Members of the Board of BCF, who also carry tremendous guilt for the criminal acts of their president, we as representatives of the new Bulgarian Chess Union 1931 will do everything possible to unite the healthy forces in the Bulgarian chess and in a short time to regain its good name!

We rely on your support for saving the Bulgarian chess.

We hope, that against these people who desecrate the name of chess, will be undertaken relevant criminal court proceedings and may this be a lesson to all who dare to use our favorite sport for personal and illegal gain.

Dobri Belivanov
President of the Bulgarian Chess Union 1931
6th September 2016

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