SPICE and the SPF are doing a chess training course for teachers in Region 17 in Texas today. Region 17 is big! It serves 59 school districts in the West Texas area with a wide variety of educational support services.

Lubbock is one of the school disctricts and it has around 55 schools. More teachers immediately signed up than we have space for. Therefore, we have to add additional classes in the near future to accomodate everyone. Our goal is to introduce chess to every school in the area.

The curriculum which we use to train teachers to teach chess in the schools is the same as what has been distributed. Nearly 60,000 FREE SPF / SPICE Curriculum / Training Guide were sent out to teachers, parents, chess organizations and clubs in over 95 countries in the past 2 years. It is completely FREE.

The curriculumn / training guide is divided into 30 chapters, one per week, to fit the school year. It can serve as the main base and small modifications can be made to fit your school guidelines.

My dream is to be able to introduce chess to as many children as possible. If you have not gotten your copy yet, please click here to register for your FREE account on www.ChessDiscussion.com then click here to download your FREE copy. This is the same guide which I personally used to teach many students including my own children.

You can also download a copy by going to the SPICE website at www.SPICE.ttu.edu.

If you have any suggestion, please feel free to email me.

Big thanks to Region 17 and Lubbock ISD for supporting chess and education and chess in the schools.

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