Bolivian Authority Extols Cuba’s High Chess Level

CAMAGÜEY, Cuba, April 20 (acn) Bolivia’s Chess Federation president Alfonso Ferrufino Hurtado, praised the high level of chess players in Cuba, and noted he hopes the island contributes to the development of this sport in his country.

Our young players have never faced such strong counterparts and they are learning a lot, said the official in relation to the performance of Bolivian players in the third ALBA Games, underway in this central province of Cuba.

Ferrufino, who is heading his country’s women’s and men’s chess teams to the tournament, told the press Cuban chess trainers are expected to travel to Bolivia for a cooperation project.

The Bolivian official said the Cuban chess trainers’ quality is very high, and that they have a different preparation and very efficient teaching methods.

The Bolivian teams which have made a modest performance so far in matches against Cuba and Venezuela, as well as against Camagüey, which participated as a guest in the classifying round of the tournament.

Ferrufino announced that Bolivian players will take part in coming events in Cuba like the Moncada chess tournament, in Santiago de Cuba, the Guillermo Garcia In Memoriam, in Santa Clara, and the Capablanca In Memoriam, in Havana.

He also said that his government is working on a project to expand the practice of this discipline in all the country, just as was done in Venezuela.


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