A successful first edition of The World Mind Sports Games
Thursday, 06 November 2008 12:08

The closing ceremony of the World Mind Sport Games Beijing 2008 was held on October 18th, concluding 15 days of intense competition within the 5 disciplines represented: Bridge, Chess, Draughts, GO and Xiangqi (Chinese Chess).

Organised and promoted by both the International Mind Sports Association and the Chinese Organising Committee (under the patronage of the IOC), the Games took place in two different venues: the Beijing National and International Convention Centres, used as part of the Olympic sites during the August Games.

The World Mind Sport Games attracted 2,736 players from 143 countries, and about 800 team associates (staff, judges and officials). As with the Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation was ranked first, scoring here 12 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze medals. If the sports side of the competition was impressive, so was the media coverage.

Indeed, no less than 2 main Chinese Television Channels were present on site (Beijing TV being the official Host Broadcaster) to produce images and broadcast them live, delayed or through TV news on their networks in China.

Furthermore, throughout the whole competition, daily short TV programmes were put at the disposal of Eurovision. They were all diffused to the European platform’s members (more than 65 within 46 different countries).Those short programmes are now available for download at: http://ftpcom.mabpc.net/download

In total, more than 10 million TV viewers per day watched images of the Games. In addition, 600,000 page views were counted on the official websites of the competition broadcasting events live.

Moreover, 326 reporters from 109 domestic or foreign media agents were present to cover the event (100 news stories were published every day). For any further information or interest towards the event, please contact : Laurène Wolff : +33 1 53 23 01 31

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International Mind Sports Association José Damiani – President 40, rue François 1er 75008 Paris – FRANCE Tel. : + 33 1 53 23 03 15 Fax. : + 33 1 40 70 14 51
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