Fidel 9.0 SPICE Super Computer

The SPICE Chess Team is in NY City to defend our Final Four National Championship title, the most prestigious College Chess event in the world. We have won it 5 straight years and we are attempting to win our 6th consecutive titles. Over the years, we have been asked thousands of times what is the real secret for the unprecedented success?

The answer is simple! The “Fidel 9.0” Super Duper Machine!

One of our students, Grandmaster Fidel Corrales Jimenez (from Cuba) is a computer and coding expert. He is currently in his senior year (computer major) at Webster University. Some years ago, he single handedly built the Fidel Super Chess Machine. Combine with the Fidel 9.0 software, it is estimated to have the strength of about 3750, which is much stronger than any commercial chess engine of the market today.

Because of this, we have a big edge over the competition! Now you know the real secret to our success!

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