Play in the $10,000 WCL Miami Open 2008 Online Qualifier!

Just for participating in a free event THIS SATURDAY on WCL, you can earn $50 off your Miami Open entry fee!

What is the Miami Open 2008 Online Qualifier?

The Miami Open Online 2008 Qualifier is a special opportunity this Saturday and Sunday to compete for a free entry and a free hotel room in the 2008 Miami Open. You don’t need to be a Grandmaster, however, to have a shot at this prize. Each of the winners in the six rating classes (Open, U2100, U1900, U1700, U1500, U1300) will win a free trip to the Miami Open!Just for completing this free event, you will receive a certificate worth $50 towards your entry fee in the tournament. With an estimated $10,000+ total worth in prizes, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How does the Qualifier work?

The tournament is a 15-round USCF Quick-rated Swiss starting at 3pm on Saturday. (You must be a USCF member to participate.) The time control for each round will be 3 0. Everyone competes in one section, but at the end of the day, the top six scorers in each of the rating classes will advance to the Finals.

Here is the official rundown of prizes (for each of six sections):

1st place: Free Miami Open Entry, Free Hotel Room, and 12 Months of WCL2nd place: Half-Price Entry, One Free Re-entry, Half-Price Hotel Room, and 12 Months of WCL3rd place: One-Third Off Entry, One Free Re-entry, One-Third Off Hotel Room, and 12 Months of WCL4th, 5th, & 6th: $50 Off Entry Fee and 12 Months of WCL

Where should I go for more information?

The answer to that question is easy: our website! We have a special page dedicated to the Qualifier event with enough information to answer almost all your questions. If you’re planning on playing in the Qualifier, please briefly review the basic information provided there.

What is the 2008 Miami Open?

The 2008 Miami Open, to be held September 10-14, 2008, is a FIDE-oriented, FIDE-rated tournament combined with whopping American-style prizes for class sections. The event is worth 150 Grand Prix Points and has nine rounds of G/90 plus a 30 second increment. For more information, visit its official website or contact tournament director Blas Lugo.

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