Biel Chess Festival 2010

Biel Young Grandmaster Super Tournament

Ten young Grandmasters will be the stars of the 43rd edition of the Biel Chess Festival. The list is headed by last year’s winner Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, and he is joined by Evgeny Tomashevsky, Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So, Dmitry Andreikin, Anish Giri, Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, Parimarjan Negi, Maxim Rodhstein, and David Howell will enter the category 17 tournament with average rating of 2657 ELO.

The first round of Biel / Bienne Chess 2010 will be played 19th July 2010.

Round 1 – 19th of July
Round 2 – 20th of July
Round 3 – 21st of July
Round 4 – 22nd of July
Round 5 – 23rd of July
Round 6 – 24th of July
Rest day – 25th of July
Round 7 – 26th of July
Round 8 – 27th of July
Round 9 – 28th of July

Besides the Young Grandmaster Super Tournament, this year’s Biel features many open tournaments, Swiss Chess960 Championship, and the traditional Chess-Tennis Tournament. The main open tournament of Biel 2010 will be yet another strong event of the festival, with 7 players above 2600.

GM Alexander Riazantsev 2674
GM Boris Grachev 2667
GM Michael Roiz 2664
GM Igor Lysyi 2631
GM Leonid Kritz 2618
GM Victor Mikhalevski 2614
GM Christian Bauer 2607
GM Yannick Pelletier 2596
GM Sebastien Feller 2593
GM Vitaly Golod 2585
GM Evgeny Gleizerov 2578
GM Sebastien Maze 2564
GM Stanislav Novikov 2558
WGM Nadezhda Kosintseva 2553
GM Milos Pavlovic 2540
GM Falko Bindrich 2539
GM Mikhail Ulibin 2532
GM Arnaud Hauchard 2526
GM Miso Cebalo 2500

Here is the list of more players:

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