Beijing to host first SportAccord World Mind Games in December
08:57, February 09, 2011

The first SportAccord World Mind Games will be held on Dec 8 to 17 in Beijing Conference Center, the SportAccord confirmed on Monday in its official news release.

“With the Beijing Conference Center we found a potential venue that is very attractive,” says SportAccord President Hein Verbruggen, IOC Honorary Member and former Chairmen of the Coordination Commission for the Beijing Olympic Games.

“I have great experiences with China and Beijing. During the 2008 Olympics I built valuable friendships with the people here. The hospitality is extraordinary and the City of Beijing is very well experienced in the organization of high level sports events. I like being back and am looking forward to the first edition of the SportAccord World Mind Games in December,” Verbruggen said.

The Games was originally planned in September. With the establishment of the Organizing Committee this month, the preparations for the event are getting underway. One of the highlights will be the release of the SportAccord World Mind Games emblem and mascot in March. Five mind sports, including chess, bridge, draughts, go and xiang qi are on the programme.

“There are over 500 million registered mind sports players and the number of practitioners around the globe is uncountable,” said Jose Damiani, President of the International Mind Sports Association, a cosponsor to the Games.

“Go and xiang qi are, of course, very popular in China and Asia. Draughts is also developing very fast here. The elite of these five mind sports will come to Beijing, in total around 170 top players. In bridge and chess we expect the reigning Chinese women world champions to be present,” he added.

The organizer said, the format of the sports will be made very attractive for spectators. In chess, for example, there will be a rapid game version.

Additionally, SportAccord is planning to bring the event on the Internet and TV so that fans throughout the world can follow their favourite players and their impressive strategies and moves live.

SportAccord also aims to provide an online platform through which players around the world can participate in their virtual SportAccord World Mind Games.

Source: Xinhua

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