New Improvements in Opening Theory – GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

Posted on December 22,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos. Catch your opponent off-guard with new opening theory! In the video “New Improvements in Opening Theory” by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, we see new analysis of the Accelerated Dragon variation of the Sicilian Defense – a variation that modern theory has previously shown to be tough to play for Black. However, with the new improvements that Roman has found, he shows all of the tactical tricks and traps that White can easily fall into if he is not ca[…]

Our LAST SALE + FREE DVD! – Happy Holidays from the OCL team!

Posted on December 19,2014 By GM Damian Lemos in All Articles w/ Videos, General Chess Articles. Happy Holidays! In the holiday spirit, we want to keep promoting chess and offering premium content for anyone that wants to learn the game and improve. This week we’re giving away the chess DVD download ¨The Killer Dragon – Volume 1¨ by GingerGM Simon Williams, this FREE DVD will teach you about one the most dangerous openings available to black against 1. e4. The Dragon is extremely aggressive and places strong pressure on white from the early[…]

What is Zugzwang and How do I Use it?

Posted on December 19,2014 By GM Levan Aroshidze in Strategy & Game Review, General Chess Articles, Beginner’s Corner. Zugzwang is a situation when a player is in a disadvantage because it’s his turn to play, but all available moves are bad. Zugzwang appears relatively rarely in practice. Zugzwang positions normally arise in the endgames, when the number of pieces and possible moves is reduced. Sometimes creating a Zugzwang position is the only possible way to win the game. In order to discover Zugzwang’s motivations, you need to plan not only your own play, but[…]

Beating The Pirc Modern Defences – GM Aaron Summerscale

Posted on December 18,2014 By OnlineChessLessons.NET Contributor in Strategy & Game Review, Chess Openings, All Articles w/ Videos. Control the center and attack your opponent! In the video “Beating The Pirc Modern Defences” by GM Aaron Summerscale, we are taught a simple, yet effective response that White can use against any Pirc or Modern style defense that Black plays. The set-up that is explained in the video is called the “150 Attack”. The 150 Attack can be played through tricky move orders that can cause the Black opponent problems if they are not prepared for the types[…] is a producer of thousands of free chess articles and free chess videos by FIDE chess masters. They recently released the renowned Empire Chess series that has been taking the chess world by storm. Please consider checking out their chess blog and chess shop with tons of free updated previews.

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