If sports were just sports and athletes were judged solely on their athletic achievements alone, comparisons to Jordan would be all well and fine. If that were the case, Kobe would be closer to Jordan than people will ever proudly admit.

Is Kobe Bryant a good person, perhaps not, but he plays basketball not the Pope.

I’m not judging the man for how good he treats his wife. I’m not telling my little brother to be like Kobe Bryant off the court. I’m simply hoping he wins games for my favorite team. Games. That’s all they are. No matter how good you are, being King of Monopoly doesn’t give you the right to punch the losers in the face then steal their girlfriends.

Bobby Fischer was the greatest player the game of chess has ever seen. That doesn’t overlook the fact that his Anti-Semetic rants would make Mel Gibson blush.

Ty Cobb is one of baseballs greatest players. Does that make his violent, racist infused tirades acceptable?

Source: http://bleacherreport.com

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