Pinoy chesser Barbosa finishes tied for 2nd in Moscow Open
02/07/2011 08:27 PM

Final standings:
(Russians unless stated)

8 points — V. Belous

7.5 — W. Zhou (Chna), Y. Yu (China), F. Amonatov (Tajikistan), I. Kovalenko (Ukraine), M. Matlakov, S. Voitsekhovsky, S. Tiviakov (Netherlands). O. Barbosa (Philippines)

7 — N. Kabanov, Y. Lou (China), M. Turov, A. Lenderman (United States), I. Bukavshin, A. Fillipov (Uzbekistan), D. Kryakvin, A. Kharlov, A. Demchenko, D. Prolyanov, R., Ziatdinov (United States), M. Panamin, K.Kuderinov (Kazakhstan), A. Gabrielian.

6.5 — D. Khismatullin, D. Obolenskikh, J. Gomez (Philippines), K.Chemyshov, P. Kotsur (Kazakhstan), R. Jumabayev (Kazakhstan), I. Iljiusheknok, T. Batchuluun (Mongolia), S. Volkov, A. Bezgodov, E. Borovov, Y. Yacovich, A. ,Erzhanov, J. Ulko, E. Sveshnikov (Latvia), S. Lu (China), A. Stukopin, S. Gan-Od (Mongolia), V., Hamitevici (Moldova), D. Losev, G. Morozov, A. Polvanov (Ukraine), A. Petrov, S. Vrovlansky, V. Burmakin, V. Gagarin, A. Rychagov, M. Petrosyan (Armenia)

MOSCOW, Russia — Former Southeast Asian Games silver medalist IM Oliver Barbosa made the country proud anew when he finished in a tie for second to ninth places in the 2011 Moscow Open chess championships at the Russia State Social University here Sunday.

Barbosa, next in line in the long list of talented Filipino IMs hoping to become a GM this year, went the full distance before humbling No. 11 seed GM Sergey Volkov of Russia in 66 moves of the Queens’ Gambit Declined to finish with 7.5 points on seven wins, one draw and one loss in the prestigious 582-player tournament.

The 24-year-old Barbosa, who shared first place with GM Zurab Azmaiparashvili in the ASEAN Championship held in Singapore last December, seized control in the endgame following an exchange of queens and rooks, and gained the upper hand after Volkov blundered with his knight move on the 48th and lost his rook for a knight two moves later.

The Flipino had a rook and two queening pawns against a knight when the Russian resigned.

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