Babu, Shyamsundar 26th, 27th Grandmasters
Guwahati, Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DULIAJAN, Jan 30 – International Chess Player Laishram Imocha of Assam represented India as the coach of the Indian youth chess team in the 87th Hastings International Chess Tournament, England. Imocha is the first person of Oil India Limited who has been appointed as a coach of any Indian sports team. He is working with Pipeline Fields Department, Oil India Limited, Duliajan.

The oldest and the prestigious chess tournament in the world was held at Multi Sports Complex, Horntye Park, Hastings, England from December 28 to January 5. Players from 19 different countries participated in the tournament. Two Indian youngsters Lalith Babu of Hydrabad and Shyamsundar of Chennai completed their final International Grandmaster norms and became the India’s 26th and 27th Grandmasters respectively. Except V Anand and Kasparov, all the world chess champions including genius Bobby Fisher played in the past Hastings chess Tournaments. The tournament was won by Chinese Super Grandmaster 24 years old Wang Yue. Wang drew with both the new Indian Grandmasters Lalith Babu and Shyamsundar in the tournament.


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