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Partial List of Chess Moves Seminars

Practical Opening Tips for White (Player Rating: 1200-1500)
Practical Opening Tips for Black (Player Rating: 1200-1500)
Opening Disasters (Player Rating: 1400-1600)
Hypermodern Opening Strategy in Action (Player Rating: 1700-1900)

Winning Won Games (Player Rating: 1200-1700)
Traps and Counter Traps (Player Rating: 1300-1600)
Ideas to Save a Hopeless-Looking Game(Player Rating: 1300-1700)
The Art of Attack (Player Rating: 1300-1900)
Bishop v. Knight (Player Rating: 1500-1800)
Gaining the Initiative — When Time Is of the Essence (Player Rating: 1500-1800)
Creating and Solving Problems (Player Rating: 1500-1900)
The Art of the Exchange Sacrifice (Player Rating: 1600-1800)
Strategy: Center Control and Space (Player Rating: 1600-1800)
Practical Hints for Tournament Players (Player Rating: 1600-1800)

Don’t Forget to Use Your King in the Endgame (Player Rating: 1300-1600)
Rook Endgame Essentials (Player Rating: 1300-1700)
Exploiting Endgame Advantages (Player Rating: 1600-1800)

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