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Chess Mitropacup in Tirol, Austria: Austria and Hungary are the winners

Mayrhofen/Zillertal/Austria. – Austria wins the Mitropacup 2015 in Mayrhofen. Led by Markus Ragger the Austrian Team from Coach Zoltan Ribli makes everything clear in the prelast round and wins despite a loss against Croatia in the last round two points ahead to Slovakia and three points ahead to Germany. It is the first win for Austria since 1977. Hungary is a class of its own in the womenґs competition. From the team still protrudes Ticia Gara with a score from six points out of six games. Italy and Slovakia are second and third.


Right from the start the Austrian Team shows his ambitions to win the competition. After two wins against France and Italy it comes to the first important match between Slovakia and Austria. Thanks to wins from Markus Ragger and David Shengelia Austria defeated Slovakia 3:1 and saves the lead to Germany. After another 3:1 against the young Hungarian Team the direct encounter between Germany and Austria has a preliminary importance. Markus Ragger wins the game between the top rated players with black against Matthias Bluebaum. Another win from Mario Schachinger brings Austria again a 3:1 victory and a three team points lead in the table. Two team wins and one draw in the next three rounds make everything clear. Austria wins the Mitropacup for the first time since 1977 despite a loss in the last round against Croatia.

Austria 2

The top rated team from Croatia shows its strongness with two wins in the matches against Slovakia and Austria, but is not successful against all the other teams. The fifth place should be a disappointment for them. On the other hand Slovakia shows a very good performance. Peter Michalik earns the best performance of 2679. Marin Jurcik, Christopher Repka and Juraj Druska show performances above 2500. In the final table Slovakia takes the second place followed by Germany. In the German team Andreas Heimann impresses with seven points out of nine games. All the other teams play more or less in the range of their expectation. It should be mentioned that Hungary played with a team of youngsters. They took the last place but won a lot of experience.

Germany – Austria

In the womenґs section the Hungarian team dominates the competition with seven team wins and two draws two team points ahead to Italy and Slovakia. They did not lose any single game. Ticia Gara played on board two and wins all six games that she played. Her performance of 2969 is the best of all players in the Mitropacup 2015.

The Congress Zillertal was a spacious and pleasant playing hall. Organiser Werner Csrnko and his team tried the best to feel players good. All games were broadcasted live in the internet. In cooperation with ChessBase live commentaries were done on “”. A highlight was the daily summary from Daniel King published on Youtube and the tournament website.

Hungary Womensteam

Hungary Womensteam2

Markus Ragger

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