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The Asian Youth Chess Championships being held in Suwon, Korea from 3-11 August 2015 has now passed the halfway mark, with Open and Girls U-16, U14, U-12, U-10 and U-10 categories all reaching the sixth from nine rounds and Open and Girls U-18 reaching the fifth from seven rounds.

At the top categories, it is all Iran, the leaders being Mersad Khodashenas with 3.5/4 in Open U-18, Orimi Anahita Gholami with 3.5/4 in Girls U-18, Arash Tabash & Shahin Lorparezangeneh with 4/5 in Open U-16, Hagawane Aakankshah with 4/5 in Girls U-16, and Aryan Gholami with 4.5/5 in Open U-14.

Girls U-16

It is only in Girls U-14 with India’s top seeded R Vaishali with a dominant 5/5 that another country holds the lead.

With the lower categories it is a more mixed affair, although in Open U-12 it is very much still Iran and then India with Iran’s Alireza Firouza and India’s Arjun Erigaisi sharing the lead with 4.5/5.

In Girls U-12 it is Mongolia’s Sauul Tamir sharing the lead with Kazakhtan’s Nazerke Nurgali and Zeinep Sultanbek, all with 4/5 while in Open U-10 Uzbekistan’s Javokhir Sindarov still leads with 4.5/5 and in Girls U-10 it is Mongolians Mungzuzil Bat-Erdene and Attantuya Boldbaatar also with 4.5/5.

Girls U-8 1

Open U-8 has Indian’s Dey Shahil on 4.5/5 and Girls U-8 is between China’s Wei Yaqing and Vietnam’s Nguyen Le Cam Hien, both also on 4.5/5.

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Report by Peter Long