The 5th International Tournament Artemis Cup Leros 2013 will be organized by the Municipality of Leros, Union Of Chess Players Of Thessaloniki, Educational and Cultural Youth Club Artemis on 18-25th July at the Convention Center Crithoni’s Paradise Hotel, Crithoni – Leros.

Game System: 9 round Swiss, according to FIDE and Greek Chess Federation regulations. Each player has the right to ask for two bye until the 6th round (each bye gives 1/2 point) before the pairing of the round.

There will be 2 Groups (A for players with ELO-rating above 1800 and B for players rated below 1800). Players with a lower rating than 1800 can also participate in the A Group with the payment of an additional fee of 50 Euros.

Top prizes are EUR 1000, 800, 600, 400 etc

Time Control: 90′/40 moves + 15′/game + 30”/move from the 1st move.

Registration fee:

General registration fee: 50 Euros, Youngsters <18: 25="" br="" euros.=""> – Players with ELO > 2300 NO FEE
– Women with ELO> 2150 NO FEE

Tournament Directors: Giakoumis Ioannis, Kapsomenakis Petros


– email:
– by telephone: (+30)6936688586 (Ioannis Giakoumis) and (+30)2102815495 (Petros Kapsomenakis).

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