Art of Chess “Polgar Glass” invented from Lisa Suhay on Vimeo.

The chess Queen is birthed and forged in the fires of vision and ingenuity. Glass Artist Avery Shaffer and Sculptor Kevin Gallup took glass bottles and recycled them into chess art using Kevin’s kiln at Four Corners Farm Market 26th St., Norfolk, Va.

They heated the glass in a crucible Kevin had used to melt copper to create lion heads for ODU’s football stadium. Today, trace shards of copper remained and melted into the glass by happy accident, creating copper-threaded glass art when poured into sand molds made using chess pieces. Since these were chess queen molds the first batch was called “Polgar Glass” as its strands of metal coursed through the delicate glass barrier.

Shaffer decided to refine this technique and will begin work on a unique glass chess set for Susan Polgar’s March 3rd exhibition at the Chrysler Museum of Art! See and

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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