Baku WC rd 2 Aronian


After his match with the Ukrainian grandmaster Alexander Areschenko, Levon Aronian has agreed to give a short interview to the Baku World Cup 2015 Press service.

First of all, what do you think about this World Cup? Some participants say that this is the strongest tournament in chess knock-outs history.

The strongest players in the world play in this tournament. We can say that there are several stars playing in a fierce competition.

What was your goal playing in this tournament?

My goal was to play good chess, but, unfortunately, I have not managed to do so.

What was the reason?

In the first game of the tiebreak I missed a decisive response from my opponent. In the second game I played too risky and made a couple of really bad mistakes.

After losing the first game on tiebreak, have you lost the confidence in the result of the match? 

Well, I am always confident, just I did not played well. Probably, I played b4 too early. After that it was very hard to continue the struggle. In such situation I rejected a draw, I simply could not accept the result.

It was really unexpected that you leave the World Cup so early…Beside these errors on the tiebreak, were there anything else which affected your play?

The only reason was the error in the first tiebreak game. The format of the World Cup simply does not gives chances to recover after moves like this. But still, I do not give up the idea of getting through to the Candidates Tournament. There will be many more tournaments until the end of the year and I will have many chances to increase my rating.

You played in so many prestigious tournaments. What is your opinion regarding the organization of the World Cup tournament.

The organization is very good. We were happy with all the good treatment we saw here. The accommodation is very good. There is nothing we can be dissapointed with. The only thing was that chess players sometimes need some freedom and in this case it was a bit hard for us from the inside.

In 2016 Baku will host the Chess Olympiad. Do you think we will see the Armenian team in the participants list? 

The Chess Olympiad will take place in one year and the participation of the Armenian team there cannot be excluded. I would be happy to come back to Baku. People really love chess in Azerbaijan, this game is very popular here. Local players are very strong.

Three Azerbaijani players are in 1/16 final stage…

Azerbaijanis play very well in this World Cup. They play in their hometown and this helps, the players also try to make their local fans happy. Beside Radjabov and Mamedyarov, other azerbaijani players also show good results.There is a progress in their games. I think, this is the input from working with Alexander Khalifman ( the head coach of the Azerbaijani chess team). Khalifman is a big help for the Azerbaijani team. Caucasian players are a bit lazy in general and also the opening preparation is usually not that good. I can feel Khalifman’s hand in improving these areas in the play of Gadir Guseinov and Rauf Mamedov.

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