President Serzh Sargsyan is on the right with the red tie

Serzh Sargsyan is urged to develop chess rather than gambling
31 July 2009 [17:50] – Today.Az

Head of the Armenian Center for National and International Studies Richard Kirakosyan called on Serzh Sargsyan today to develop chess rather than gambling in the country.

He said it will benefit Armenia.The expert made the statement commenting on the government’s decision to return gambling houses to the resort centers and major hotels.

“In contrast to former President Robert Kocharian, who was known as a fan of winter sports, President Sargsyan is an advocate of the intellectual game of chess it and would better to contribute to their development.”

“Many officials played with the state budget. Serzh Sargsyan should pay more attention to his beloved game of chess and do not listen to those who most valued gambling,” Kirakosyan said.


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