The 2015 Dutch Individual Chess Championships were held from July 4 to July 12, in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Both events were played in the Manor Hotel in an 8-player round-robin format.

World #6 Anish Giri emerged a clear winner of the Men’s championship after scoring 5.5/7 points and leaving the runner-up, Loek Van Wely, a full point behind.

Giri scored 4 victories and 3 draws to win the title. One of his crucial games was in Round 5, when he met Sipke Ernst. The game was level but suddenly Ernst bravely moved his king to the center and blundered mate in two. Besides the trophy, Giri added two more Elo points to his rating.

Robin Van Kampen and Benjamin Bok shared the third place at 4 points each, followed by Sipke Ernst (3.5), Erwin L’Ami (2.5), Sregei Tiviakov (2) and Roeland Prujissers (2).

Anne Haast retained the title at the female competition, finishing clear first with 5.5 points.

The highest rated Dutch female player Zhaoqin Peng remained second with 5/7, while Tea Lanchava and Anna-Maja Kazarian split the third place at 4.5 points.

Bianca De-Jong Muhren finished fifth with 3 points, followed by Iozefina Paulet (2), Lisa Hortensius (2) and Rosa Ratsma (1.5).

Dutch Men’s Championship final standings:

Dutch Mens Championship final standings

Dutch Women’s Championship final standings:

Dutch Womens Championship final standings

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