Approximately 150 players in the rated sections + additional players in the unrated section. Over $100,000 in chess scholarships + 4 tablet computers + countless trophies, medals, and certificates + a lot more chess prizes were awarded! Congratulations to all the winners!

Photos: (More will be uploaded tomorrow)

K-2 boys: Joseph Xia (LA) 6-0

K-2 girls: Kate Bergeron (LA) and Alexandra Nicole Nager (AL) 

3-5 boys: Max Holmes (LA), Brian Valigosky (LA), Dhiren Brickman (LA), and Chase Beams (LA) 5-1

3-5 girls: Ellison Grace Van Scoy (OH) and Elizabeth Miller + tablet computer (NY) 5.5

6-8 boys: Tom Polgar (MO) + tablet computer 6-0

6-8 girls: Nancy Wang (NY) 6-0 + tablet computer

9-12 boys: Tanraj Sohal (Canada) 6-0 (scholarship to Webster University approx $56,000 value) 

9-12 girls: Annastasia Marie Wyzywany (LA) 6-0 (scholarship to Webster University – 2nd time she wins the scholarship!)

(the actual tiebreak order is different, this order is based on ratings)

More standings (teams, blitz, bughouse, puzzle solving, etc.) will be posted tomorrow

The champions and co-champions of all the girls’ sections are qualified for the 2013 SP Girl’s Invitational which will take place on July 20-25, 2013 at Webster University in St. Louis. As qualifiers, they will all receive free room and meals during the event.

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