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Callen Mascarenhas, Seattle

I don’t think a competition of such high stature should be judged through a Blitz match. The tournament is high-pressure as it is. And to decide the final game in a Blitz match sounds senseless, to say the least. The game should rightly be replayed under normal chess conditions, not even rapid.

Stan Schwab, Wilmette, IL, USA

The playoff format in the US Women’s Chess Championship was stupid because this was not the US Women’s Blitz Chess Championship. The result should be cancelled and the two finalists should play some number of normal games to determine the US Women’s Chess Champ in a fair way. As Forest Gump would say “Stupid is as stupid does.” And when it comes to chess, there’s a lot of it in the world of chess and the world outside of chess.

Jaime E. Fernandez, Wichita, KS, USA

Your article on the US Championship tiebreak misses a number of key points including

i) blitz tiebreaks have been used in top level tournaments in the past without generating controversy,

ii) blitz has its place in chess tradition and has been played competitively at the highest levels,

iii) some of the game’s greatest were outstanding blitz players and played blitz competitively, Tal and Fisher being highlights,

iv) it is a well established form of chess, and chessplayers know that blitz ends in a time scramble more often than not, so there was nothing really new or surprising for experienced chess players and fans in the game in question,

v) the rules were published in advance, and by accepting them, the players knew that at the very end, it was possible that the championship would be decided in a blitz time scramble. Tal and Fisher played blitz competitively, so why not Ms. Krush and Santonskih?

K. Sueya, Hyderabad, India

I am a avid blitz chess player. I would like to say to Irana: grow up and learn to accept results irrespective of how you feel. If you found there was a illegal move made by your apponent you should stop the clock and call the arbiter. Slamming the pieces is the worst of it. I am glad your not the US champ because you do not have the grace to be a champion. There are many experts who wrote that moving pieces in the opponent time is not illegal, so first learn the rules before you call your opponent names and demand the title.

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