Press Release – Europe-Echecs – Besançon, Friday, June 29th

Anatoly Karpov on Tour de France with Europe Echecs !

On Friday, July 21st, Anatoly Karpov will be the honorary guest of Tour de France. From Saturday, June 30th, come to challenge the 12th World Chess champion in a game versus the rest of the World on

The 19th stage will be a race against the clock of 53,5km from Bonneval to Chartres. Like any chess amateur, spectators from Tour de France are invited to challenge the legendary champion!

Karpov vs. Rest of the World : it’s your move !

Principle is simple : the time control will be a move per day. Karpov will start the game with white pieces. Any registered player will propose a move online. The move voted the most will be chosen and played. Karpov will answer. And so on until the last stage of Tour de France, on Sunday, July 22nd ! The arrival is on Champs Elysées, will Karpov be able to win before ?

Challenge Karpov on

This game « Karpov versus the rest of the World » will be played on the website Europe-Echecs, the number one french-speaking chess platform.

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