Anand continues run at Amber
16/03/2011 7:25 AM
Sportal India

Viswanathan Anand continued his hunt for the Amber blindfold and rapid chess tournament title with a 1.5-0.5 win over Alexander Grischuk of Russian in the fourth round.

The victory over Grischuk that earned him the all-important point came in the rapid game followed by the player splitting points in the blindfold event.

Anand continues to be half a point behind Armenian Levon Aronian and Norwegian Magnus Carlsen on the leaderboard.

The blindfold game between Anand and Grischuk ended quickly after both players repeated moves and then agreed to a stalemate after 20 moves.

Anand won the rapid game but he too admitted that his opponent played better than him initially before he could wrest the advantage away.

Anand realized that he had to be cautious and wait for the counter-chances and then Grischuk failed to find a saving manoevure, forcing him to resign.


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