A poster of this blog just asked the following question. I think it is a very interesting and important question and deserves its own thread. However, I will let the readers post their opinions first and I will offer my opinion after:

“Chess event sponsors want media coverage. But telling the sponsor “We will be trying to get media coverage” is not as good as telling the sponsor “The local media has identified this particular event as one they would be interested in covering”.

Would it be plausible to inquire with the local newspaper as to what kind of chess event they would see fit to cover? Does one show the newspaper rep a list of 2-3 possible event types, and almost have the rep pick one they would cover?

** Which comes first, the sponsor or the media coverage?

(In any case, I presume it is best to provide the newspaper rep an advance mock-up of the event coverage materials the event organizer would write and send to the newspaper when the event occurs.)

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