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One more round and Gata Kamsky is getting closer to fulfilling one of the most spectacular comebacks in chess history.

Even though Gata tried very hard today, Anand held on for a draw. Therefore, the lead remains at 1 point with just 2 games to play.

Svidler and Bacrot also drew.

In the Topalov – Ponomariov game, for a while it looked hopeless for Topalov. All of a sudden, a mental collapse by Ponomariov combine with brilliant attack by Topalov gave him a winning position and pull into a tie for second with Anand.

Gata Kamsky has proved once again that opening is NOT everything in chess. His middle and endgame techniques is simply superior to his opponents, even being out of chess for so long.

I know Anand and Topalov well but I have to root for Gata though! 2 games to go from one of the most spectacular comebacks in history! Good luck Gata!

After 8 rounds of 10, the standings are:

1 5.5 GM Kamsky (USA, 2671) +24.6 Gata’s Interview
2-3 4.5 GM Anand (India, 2803) -3.0, GM Topalov (Bulgaria, 2804) -1.4
4.0 GM Svidler (Russia, 2743) +0.8
5 3.0 GM Bacrot (France, 2708) -6.0
6 2.5 GM Ponomariov (Ukraine, 2738) -14.2
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