The London Young Masters International Chess Tournament 
by Adam Raoof 

England has a bunch of young talented chess masters who need this event to become Grandmasters, the next Magnus Carlsen!  

A ten player all-play-all chess tournament featuring seven young International Masters and three Grandmasters. The money will be used to fund the venue, the accommodation costs of the players and appearance fees for the Grandmasters.

The main aim is to give our home nation players (see below for the list of invitees) the chance to qualify as Grandmasters themselves by aiming for a final score of 6.5 or 7/9.  We don’t have enough tournament opportunities like this for our young masters, and I hope that this event will be the first in a series of similar tournaments.

Hawkins, Jonathan  IM ENG 2503
Palliser, Richard J D
 IM ENG 2454  
Ghasi, Ameet K
 IM ENG 2452
Hunt, Harriet V  IM  WGM ENG 2450
Pert, Richard G  IM ENG 2443 
Hanley, Craig A
 IM ENG 2433
Zhou, Yang-Fan  IM ENG 2432  
Hunt, Adam C
 IM ENG 2431  
Trent, Lawrence
 IM ENG 2427  
Houska, Jovanka
 IM ENG 2417  
D`Costa, Lorin A R
 IM ENG 2416    2421 
Mah, Karl C C
 IM ENG 2415 
Ferguson, Mark

from Wales we will invite IMs James Cobb and Leighton Williams, and from Scotland we will invite IMs Andrew Greet and Eddie Dearing.

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Best wishes

Adam Raoof

President: Middlesex County Chess Association
FIDE International Organiser & Arbiter
328 Watford Way
Hendon, London NW4 4UY

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