Greetings from the Amazon! It is quite an incredible experience to go into the jungle and see what nature is all about.

But a funny thing happened right before the journey started. When I landed in Canaima (a part of the Amazon), one of the local clerks recognized me. She said “Oh my God, you are Susan Polgar. You are famous. I saw you on TV.” Just to be sure, I asked her what was the occasion for me to be on TV in the Amazon in Venezuela? She said it was the documentary “My Brilliant Brain” on National Geographic.

She then proceeded to tell everyone in the room that there is a famous person in her local store. She said that a long time ago, Robert DeNiro was there and now she has the second celebrity. She took out a card and asked me to autograph it. Then she requested to have several pictures taken with me so she can put it up on the wall.

In Venezuela, all school children must learn chess in school. It is a requirement. Therefore, it is getting quite popular. But to have people know about a chess player in the Amazon? Incredible!

The journey to the Amazon was quite amazing. Our guide was born and raised in Canaima (this is the location several movies were filmed), a part of the Amazon in Venezuela. He speaks 8 languages fluently. I asked him how he learned and the answer was basically self taught through books.

We first took a short boat trip to an amazing island to begin the journey. It is called the Anatoly island, after a Russian. Once we got to the island, we walked up to the top of the mountain while going right under several incredible waterfalls. The force of the water falling down from the top of the mountain was quite powerful. All cameras, videos, and valuables had to be put in a water proof bag because there was no way to avoid being completely soaked.

Once we got to the top of the mountain, the view was spectacular, especially when you are standing at the top of the waterfalls. It is a once in a lifetime adventure. The internet is quite slow (56K speed). Once I get back to the US, I will upload the incredible pictures and videos. Until then…..

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