The American Continental Championship 2017 is taking place June 10-18, 2017 in Medellin, Colombia. It is the second continental championship for the month which starts right when the European Chess Championship 2017 crowned its new king and selected the qualifiers for the World Chess Cup 2018. The first four players from the American Continental Championship 2017 will also qualify for the FIDE World Cup.

There are a total of 224 participants and 24 of them are GMs. The top ten players come from eight different countries – GM Axel Bachmann (Paraguay), GM Emilio Cordova (Peru), GM Lazaro Batista Bruzon (Cuba), GM Anton Kovalyov (Canada), GM Jorge Cori (Peru), GM Samuel Sevian (USA), GM Alan Pichot (Argentina), GM Alexandr Fier (Brazil), GM Rodrigo Vasquez Schroeder (Chile), and GM Reynaldo Ortiz Suarez Isan (Cuba).

Games start at 23:00 CET daily and you can enjoy them here at Chessdom with analysis by the TCEC top engines Komodo, Stockfish, and Houdini, as well as on your mobile phones via the ChessArena android application for mobile phones

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