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Amber Final Round Results:

Thursday 25 March Round XI
12.30 Blind Gashimov-Svidler ½-½
Dominguez-Aronian 0-1
Ponomariov-Smeets ½-½
14.00 Blind Gelfand-Ivanchuk ½-½
Kramnik-Karjakin 1-0
Grischuk-Carlsen 1-0
15.45 Rapid Svidler-Gashimov ½-½
Aronian-Dominguez ½-½
Smeets-Ponomariov 0-1
17.15 Rapid Ivanchuk-Gelfand 1-0
Karjakin-Kramnik 1-0
Carlsen-Grischuk 1-0

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Carlsen and Ivanchuk win 19th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Tournament

The 19th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Tournament has ended in an overall victory for Norway’s Magnus Carlsen and Ukraine’s Vasily Ivanchuk. In the 11th and final round Ivanchuk caught up with Carlsen thanks to a 1½-½ victory over Boris Gelfand. In the rapid session Carlsen had to defeat Alexander Grischuk to assemble the same number of points as Ivanchuk after he had dropped his queen in the blindfold game. Alexander Grischuk won the blindfold section one and a half point ahead of Carlsen, Ivanchuk and Kramnik. In the rapid section Carlsen and Ivanchuk finished on top together.

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