All ages flock to the ‘game of kings’
T. Wayne Waters, Special to the News Sentinel
Knoxville News Sentinel
Posted June 5, 2011 at midnight

Chess is a cleverly conceived, endlessly nuanced game whose heritage dates back to 6th century India. It evolved by the late 15th century into essentially the game we know today. It has been the subject of musings by philosophers and kings, artists and intellectuals, politicians and military officers. Benjamin Franklin praised it as a means to moral improvement.

It may be the highfalutin stuff of royalty and genius, but it’s also just good fun.

Greater Knoxville Chess Club members know that. Secretary and former president of the club Leonard Dickerson notes that the club, founded in 1978, brings in Knoxvillians from 8 to 70 years of age. Most members are men, according to Dickerson, who adds that women are more than welcome, as is anyone interested in the game, regardless of skill level.

“We just come in and someone sits down and asks if anybody wants to play a game,” says Dickerson of GKCC’s weekly meetings. “There are rarely any preliminaries or announcements of any kind. If a new member comes in there isn’t a formal introduction. They’ll usually just start talking to other people and get into a game.”

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