Al Ain Classic

The Al Ain Chess Club invites all players with FIDE ID to participate in the $57,000 ALAin Classics chess championship to be held in the chess city of Al Ain, UAE between 22nd and 31st of December 2015. Attached are the regulations.


Schedule of the Event
Tuesday Dec 22nd Arrival & Check In After 12p
Tuesday Dec 22nd Arbiter’s Meeting 21:00
Wednesday Dec 23rd Technical Meeting 10:00
Wednesday Dec 23rd Opening Speeches 15:30
Wednesday Dec 23rd Round 1 16:00
Thursday Dec 24th Round 2 15:00
Friday Dec 25th Round 3 15:00
Saturday Dec 26th Round 4 10:00
Round 5 17:00
Sunday Dec 27th Round 6 16:00
Monday Dec 28th Round 7 16:00
Tuesday Dec 29th Round 8 16:00
Wednesday Dec 30th Round 9 14:00
Wednesday Dec 30th Closing Ceremony 20:30
Thursday Dec 31st Departure before 11:59