When the Susan Polgar Foundation lost a major sponsor for the upcoming Reshevsky Memorial Category 10 International Invitational Tournament to be held at Texas Tech University, I reached out to my special friends and supporters as well as the local community. (For the record, I fully understand the decision of the sponsor to withdraw the sponsorship and I think it was the right decision. I would never want anyone to commit to anything he/she is not comfortable with. There is no hard feeling and thanked the sponsor for thinking of us in the first place.)

The tournament has to go on because the players already booked their airfares and cancelled other events so they can play here.

I am proud to say that because of the effort of many people in the Lubbock Community and Texas Tech University, as well as many of my friends, this tournament not only will go on, but it will be a category 12 event (above 2525 average rating). It will be one of the strongest International Round Robin events in the United States in recent years. The tournament has been renamed to SPICE Cup in Memory of Reshevsky.

This will be a very special event for the young people in Lubbock. We are inviting a number of children from various local schools to come to this event each day and there will be special activities, raffles and gifts for them. It will be a thrill for these young people to meet many chess stars. My goal is to introduce chess to every child in Lubbock, Texas.

We are still looking for more sponsors as we have not reached our goals yet. But we are getting there and it is real close. If you know of potential sponsors or would like to be a sponsor yourself, please contact me. All our sponsors will be listed in the special tournament Program Book as well as on a number of websites.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for your support for this very special event. For more information, please contact me at SusanPolgar@aol.com. Donations / Sponsorships can be made by checks or via PayPal by clicking here.

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