PARADE is a magazine that is distributed as a Sunday supplement in hundreds of newspapers in the United States. In one of the latest issues staff writer Marilyn vos Savant asked what readers thought: are men smarter then women? Savant herself is reputed to have an astronomical 228 IQ (in the Guinness Book of World Records) but is a somewhat controversial public figure. Her article on male and female intelligence did, however, hit a nerve.

Savant set up a questionnaire to ask readers specifically: Are men smarter than women? Or are women more intelligent than men? The options you could vote for were:
I think men are smarter than women
I think women are smarter than men
I agree with Marilyn, neither gender is smarter
I don’t know

The result was a resounding vote for equality of the genders with regard to intelligence. Only 10% thought men were smarter, but on the other hand 8% thought women had the upper hand.

After that Savant gave a list with 50 names, of which readers had to pick the five they thought were smartest. The top five were the following:

Parade Magazine Worldwide Poll

Top 50 Smartest People in the world

1 Albert Einstein
2 Bill Gates
3 Marie Curie
4 Stephen Hawking
5 Condoleezza Rice
6 Bill Clinton
7 Sandra Day O’Connor
8 Oprah Winfrey
9 Warren Buffett
10 Jane Goodall
11 Steven Spielberg
12 Dalai Lama
13 Sally Ride
14 George S. Patton Jr.
15 Jon Stewart
16 J.K. Rowling
17 Dr. Phil (McGraw)
18 Ben Carson
19 Susan Polgar
20 Pablo Picasso
21 Rosalyn Yalow
22 Linda Buck
23 Yo-Yo Ma
24 Johnny Carson
25 Georgia O’Keeffe
26 Katharine Graham
27 Mary Matalin
28 James Carville
29 Meryl Streep
30 Sergey Brin
31 Toni Morrison
32 Dr. Ruth (Westheimer)
33 Jackie Chan
34 Quincy Jones
35 Hayao Miyazaki
36 Maya Lin
37 Meg Whitman
38 Edward Albee
39 Pat Summitt
40 Wynton Marsalis
41 Mikhail Baryshnikov
42 Martha Graham
43 Ralph Lauren
44 Bette Davis
45 Antonia Novello
46 Allison Fisher
47 Frank Gehry
48 Mike Nichols
49 Annie Duke
50 Annika Sorenstam

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