Searcy High chess team wins national title
By Warren Watkins – The Daily Citizen
Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A six-man team from Searcy High School brought home the first-place trophy from the 2006 National Youth Action Chess Tournament in Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 18-19.

A cumulative total of each player’s score was used to compile the team score, with one point awarded for a win and a half point for a draw. The SHS team won with 21 points during the two-day event after nine rounds, a one-point edge over the second and third place teams from Franklin, Tenn., and Miami, Fla. Nine teams competed in Searcy’s division.

Team members were sophomores Jake Usery, Josh Elander, Jared Taylor and Robert Craig and seniors Caleb Taylor and Todd Crawford.

“It’s a good activity that helps people with problem solving,” Pat Taylor, an eighth grade math teacher at Ahlf Junior High and chess club sponsor, said. “I think chess makes students better problem solvers.”

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