“Gardens and wonders : Alice’s mirror”
from may 12th to September 16th in the Lacroix-Laval grounds

Press release – Friday, May 24th 2007

Take an appointment with Lewis CARROLL, Alice and the white rabbit… and a mysterious literary enigma dealing with chess, drawn from ‘Through the looking glass and what Alice found there…’

During the opening ceremony of “Gardens and wonders : Alice’s mirror”, Mr. Maurice POUILLY, chairman in charge of the sports and the parks of the Conseil general of the Rhône departement accompanied by Mrs My-Trang ECKHARDT, head of the Lacroix-Laval grounds, presented the summer programme of the grounds which this year should prove to be somewhat “marvellous and mysterious.”

Indeed, an exhibition, events, workshops for younger and older people should delight most people. This programme seems to be turning into a great family festival, since there were already lots of visitors on May 10th at 11:00 !

Thus, the park and the castle are receiving Lewis CARROLL, Alice and the white rabbit as well as the mysterious chess game drawn from the 2nd volume of the adventures of Alice in Wonderland “ Through the looking glass and what Alice found there…”

Let yourself be tempted and enter this marvellous dream by clicking on http://www.lacroix-laval.com/presse

The exhibition (on a scenography of l’Ensemble NOAO)

It transports the visitor into a universe of wonders created by its author Charles Lutwidge DODGSON alias Lewis CARROLL, who knew in a somewhat austere Victorian period, how to look at things in an unusual way – in other words … in a Carrollian way!
A “garden-terrace” next to this room created and adorned with plants for the occasion, shows the visitor how much nature was important in Lewis CARROLL’s work. (Landscape Design of Stephan CROZAT, ethnobotanist).


* Literary breakfasts with the In Time Company: dates to remember May 20th at 10:00.

• Concerts on Saturdays at 17:00 from June 2nd.
• Entertainment for the children from the age of 4…On Wednesdays and Saturdays.
• Information and booking .65 or lacroixlaval.animation@rhone.fr

* Film shows in the Pré : 1st night on June 29th with Peter Pan.

* The ‘Tea Party’ the solving of the chess game evoked in ‘Through the looking glass’ On June 17th first explanation for everyone followed by a chilled tea party.

Since 1871, this game had remained mysterious. However, in 1999, thanks to an exhaustive literary study carried out by l’Ensemble NOAO and in particular Isabelle MOULIN SAINT-PIERRE, Christophe LEROY, head of the Comité Rhône Echecs and délégué général of Lyon Olympique Echecs, made enthralling new discoveries, gathering momentum year by year, particularly on a trip which he took to Oxford and London.

In July 1999, Isabelle put this simple question to Christophe “ Can you tell us what this game of chess makes you think of ? ”… and the adventure started !

The Lacroix-Laval grounds and the Comité Rhône Echecs will privately introduce this mysterious game to you, inviting you to come every 3rd Sunday of every month for glimpses of the answer which is likely to take you quite far !

The staff of Lacroix-Laval, helped by a sculptor for the chess games, made great efforts to be able to manage all these events. Judge for yourselves by looking at one of their works: a chess-board of mirrors which is now situated in the castle and its splendid French style garden !

If you want some precise information on the solving of this chess game
Do not hesitate to contact Christophe LEROY:
Tel. 06 10 60 60 75 – comiterhoneechecs@wanadoo.fr
Site: http://www.echecs-histoire-litterature.com

Get ready to rack your brains and to take long walks
See you soon for more news of the wonders – http://photos.blogger.com/Local20Settings/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/OLKA3

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