IM Galina Shliahtich’s life threatening health problems

On Wednesday I found on the Internet information about the serious life threatening health problems that Ukrainian IM Galina Shliahtich (multiple IPCA Women World Chess Champion; Ukrainian Women’s Champion 1998) is facing. She has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis since 1993, and was also diagnosed with Tuberculosis in 2006. She needs help.

Galina and I played on the Ukrainian U-18 team in 1988. I have not met Galina for many years.

Some time ago there was a TV report (in the Ukrainian language) on Galina’s problem by the Ukrainian TSN channel.

More details in Russian are posted in my Russian language blog ( More information on how to help Galina will hopefully follow in the next days. My contact email is

GM Mikhail Golubev

Yesterday, I posted the following:

Today, it was clarified that they can receive money at Webmoney accounts. Here is the link to how to help:

Thank you!

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