A young girl is dying from terminal brain cancer. Her dying wish is to have her father by her side. Her father is in prison for a drug conviction (methamphetamine charges) in a minimum security prison camp in South Dakota, three and a half hours from his daughter. He is due to be released in less than 6 months but that would be too late. He asked to have a supervised release for 30 days so he can be by her side in her last days. His request has been repeatedly denied.

What is your opinion? Would you permit the father to be with his dying daughter?

Child’s Dying Wish Going Unfulfilled
The Heartbreaking Story of a Young Cancer Patient and Her Incarcerated Father

ABC News Law & Justice Unit
March 20, 2008 —

For very sick little girls, sometimes a father can be the best medicine there is.

But the heartbroken family of a 10-year-old Nebraska girl diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, who is not expected to live through the end of the month, say the Federal Bureau of Prisons has denied the child’s dying wish: that her incarcerated father be furloughed to be by his child’s bedside when she dies.

Jason Charles Yaeger is serving the final year of a five-year sentence for a drug conviction in a minimum security prison camp in South Dakota, three and a half hours from his daughter, Jayci.

He has pleaded repeatedly with prison officials to honor the bureau’s apparent policy of allowing furloughs and transfers under “extraordinary” circumstances, but has been rebuffed time and again, he told ABC News in a telephone interview from prison today. He is scheduled to be transferred in August to a halfway house just an hour from his daughter’s bedside, but prison officials have refused to transfer him early, he said.

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“It’s really hard to say it, but it’s time now and she doesn’t need to suffer anymore. She needs to be where she can be peaceful and happy and not in pain,” Yaeger said.

There’s one more thing Yaeger said her daughter needs — her father, Jason. But he’s in federal prison in South Dakota and has been denied repeated attempts to grant him a 30-day release. Yaeger was convicted of methamphetamine charges nearly five years ago.

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