Chess club makes for a mind-blowing spring break
About a dozen Austin kids spend several days learning chess.

By Laura Heinauer

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Isabelle Dickey’s large brown eyes roam back and forth, seemingly in time with the cogs in her 8-year-old mind.

She’s scanning the chessboard in earnest, having totally tuned out the children around her whose own matches have ended or devolved into a game of stack the rooks.

Her father passes behind her.

“Take a deep breath,” he says.

Isabelle obliges, letting out a big sigh.

Of the four pieces that remain in play, two are kings. Isabelle is protecting her only pawn, which she is hoping to guide down the board and turn into a queen.

Seeing Isabelle’s plan, 7-year-old Alex Siegenthaler trades his rook, and the game ends in a draw. The competitors stand and shake hands.

This is chess camp, offered for the first time over spring break for Lee Elementary School students.

“I like seeing how it’s going to end up in my mind and getting the pieces where they need to go,” Isabelle said after the match.

Alex gushed with praise for his opponent.

“She’s really good,” he said. “I would say it was chess by luck.”

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