In the past 10 days or so, I have received over a hundred messages and email from friends, colleagues, parents, coaches and fellow bloggers urging me to recruit 2 additional strong candidates to run for the upcoming USCF Executive Board election. The election is for 3 seats.

These people want to see the integrity and reputation of the USCF restored, especially with what happened in the last election. The problem is I have no interest in chess politics. Neither are the top notch people I associate with. We all love chess but we do not love chess politics.

Can non chess politicians like me change the USCF ways? I have no tolerance for dirty, ugly and destructive behind the scene politics. I have no patience for the status quo. I detest unprofessionalism. Can the USCF really be saved? I am busy as it is now with countless chess activities. What is your opinion? Should I even consider this or should I forget about it?
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