After the FIDE team introduced the new campaign website (, the Right Move team unleashed the following letter:

30th March 2006

Dear Mr.Bessel Kok

We are very surprised to learn that on the website is mentioned that the Afghanistan Chess Federation supports the candidacy of Mr.Ilyumzhinov. As we have declared on 9 February, we fully support the candidacy of Mr. Bessel Kok and his team of The Right Move.

Kind regards,
Ismail Jamshedy

There are also other information on the website of the Right Move team.

It is the ugly political season. I fully expect more mud slinging in the next 6 weeks or so. This is the part about chess that I dislike the most. I saw the same thing happened with the USCF politics when the last President / team did everything possible to destroy their opponents. It is mean, it is ugly, it is vicious.

That is why I try to stay away from all politics and stick to promoting chess on my own through my own Susan Polgar Foundation and with people who genuinely love chess. Posted by Picasa

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