The final round of the 8th North American FIDE Invitational will begin at 4pm Chicago Time. The week has seen a great set of ups and downs and 2 fantastic upsets by the same player. Michael Thaler of New York, student of GM Alex Stripunsky, upset IM’s David Vigorito and Angelo Young during his first foray into the world of IM norm tournaments.

The only norm seeker left in contention is NM Dennis Monokroussos, from the fame of Chessbase and the Chess Mind. He needs a win (with the white pieces) against NM Jon Burgess.

Standings of the tournament are:

1st – 3rd place – 5.5/8.0
IM Arjun Vishnuvardhan – IND
IM Angelo Young – PHI
NM Dennis Monokroussos – USA

4th – 5th place – 5.0/8.0
IM David Vigorito – USA
FM Mehmed Pasalic – GER

6th – 7th place – 3.5/8.0
NM Jon L. Burgess – ENG
Expert Michael Thaler – USA

8th place – 3.0/8.0
FM Raymond Kaufman – USA

9th place – 2.0/8.0
FM Igor Tsyanov – USA

10th place – 1.5/8.0
FM Albert Chow – USA

You can watch the final round live on MonRoi’s World Databank of Chess (quick registration is required) –

Good Chess to All,
Sevan A. Muradian
North American Chess Association


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