50th Doeberl Cup

The 2012 Doeberl Cup, 50th in a row, will be held from 4th to 9th April at the Hellenic Club of Canberra in Australia. The Olympus Room provides the main playing hall for the event. An $17,850 prize money pool is on offer.

The event will consist of five tournaments:

Premier Tournament to be played over 9 rounds of Swiss system on 4-9th April. Reserved for the titled and players rated above FIDE 1900 or ACF 1800. Maximum 90 participants, prize fund is $12,350 (first place – $4,000).

Major & Minor Tournaments to be played over 7 rounds of Swiss system on 5-9th April. Maximum 80 participants in each.

Major entrants require an ACF rating between 1400 and 2000. Players with a FIDE rating below 2000 and an ACF rating below 1400 (or ACF unrated) are also eligible to play in the Major. Minor entrants require an ACF rating below 1600. Prize funds are $3,250 & $2,250, respectively.

Mind Games U1200s Tournament to be played over 6 rounds on 6-7th April. Maximum 60 participants. The Under 1200′s requires an ACF rating below 1200 points. Time control 60mins+10secs for the whole game.

Lightning Tournament on 7th April with time control 5mins+0secs for the whole game.

The Doeberl Cup is the longest running weekend chess event in Australia. Since 1963 it has been held every year in Canberra, Australia. Grandmaster Ian Rogers holds the record for the most number of wins (either outright or on tie-break) with 12.

The Doeberl Cup was named after its primary sponsor, Erich Doeberl, and although it is no longer sponsored by his family, the name is still used to describe the tournament. In 2007 O2C was the major sponsor of the tournament and from 2008 to 2012 has attained the rights to run the tournament.

Last year winner GM Andrei Deviatkin will be back to defend the title.

Top rated players in the Premier Tournament:

Vajda Levente GM 2597 Romania
Deviatkin Andrey GM 2574 Russia
Zhao Zong-Yuan GM 2568 Australia
Sengupta Deep GM 2562 India
Szabo Gergely GM 2553 Romania
Kunte Ahbijit GM 2548 India
Horvath Adam GM 2487 Hungary
Czebe Attila GM 2477 Hungary
Xie George IM 2456 Australia
Rodriguez Amador GM 2441 Spain
Khamparia Akshat IM 2414 India
Johansen Darryl GM 2403 Australia
Kantholi Ratnakaran IM 2403 India
Ly Moulthun IM 2402 Australia
Pandian Karthikeyan IM 2402 India
Zeng Chongsheng IM 2400 China

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